Welcome to Intequal, you may remember us from when we were The IT Skills Management Company. We have rebranded, and we are better than ever.

Whether you are looking to become an apprentice or hire one, we have experts in the industry ready to help you!

Intequal IT Apprenticeships allow you to gain real-world experience whilst you work towards earning globally recognised professional qualifications from Microsoft and CompTIA.

Our apprenticeships include Infrastructure Technician (with Azure and other specialisms offered), Network Engineer, Software Developer, Digital Marketing and Technical Sales. Get in touch for more information about vacancies in your area.

There's no need to travel to the training; we deliver our apprenticeships through online learning with a trainer, workplace visits and 1-to-1 reviews via Skype for Business.


The sky's the limit

If you are looking to hire an apprentice why not take a look at our corporate website for all the information you will need.

If not, and you’re looking to become an apprentice, stay right where you are.

With you every step

We are here to help. We provide apprenticeships in a variety of different roles across the technology industry.

Take a look around to find out what apprenticeships we have on offer, career progression, views of our previous apprentices, as well as why you should choose an Intequal apprenticeship.


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If this isn’t enough, we will also help you bag the career of your dreams with our CV and interview tips readily available. Any further questions, you can look at meet the team and contact us.

Let’s do IT. The sky’s the limit.

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